What is a virtual office?

It is a physical space that provides services for independent professionals and entrepreneurs as a private office. It's a place to do business in which telecommunications service features, correspondence, reception, café and public services generally. The office can be rented by the hour.

The virtual office allows new administrative and organizational structures for businesses and the reinvention of the organization and the work is not only linked to a physical space, but rather the current communication services that allow a more global approach to business relationships .

When using virtual offices radically changing work patterns, productivity increases, time and money is saved.

I am a virtual office business

1. How will I get customers?
The portal is a gateway to new customers for your business.

2. What does it cost me to join the portal?
It costs $ 200 per year.

3. How does the service work?
The portal allows you to publish information from your office, people interested in taking their services paid by virtual means and you will receive an advance payment for services.

4. What benefits will I get?
Marketing strategy and sales for your business.

5. What obligations to acquire Place to Work to get a membership?
Update service and constant availability of spaces, competitive prices.
6. What will I get with Place to work membership
Space to offer their services on the site, additional services provided by our allies, a plaque for your business that identifies him as a member of the Network Place to Work. Backup and security. Payment guarantee services and drastic decrease opportunities for fraud.

7. What gives me Place to Work
Space rental at competitive prices, availability and elegant, comfortable and excellent service spaces.

8. What means by which I can acquire payment services Place to Work
Paypal, PSE, Enlineapagos, Merchant account in UK ...